Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S
Casting Time:
9 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2 cu. ft. per level of caster
The dweomer of this spell causes metal, whether as soft as gold or as hard as adamantite, to turn to a crys- talline substance as brittle and fragile as crystal. Thus a sword, metal shield, metal armor, or even an iron golem can be changed to a delicate, glass-like material easily shattered by any forceful blow. Furthermore, this change is unalterable short of by means of a wish spell; i.e., dispel magic will not reverse the spell. The caster must physically touch the target item — equal to a hit in combat if the item is being worn or wielded, or is a monster. Any single metal item can be affected by the spell. Thus, a suit of armor being worn by the subject can be changed to crystal, but the subject’s shield would not be affected, or vice versa. All items gain a saving throw equal to their magical bonus value or protection. A +1/ +3 sword would get a 10% (average of the two plusses) chance to save; +5 magic armor a 25% chance to be unaffected; an iron golem a 15% chance to save (for it is hit only by magic weapons of +3 or better quality). Artifacts and relics of metal have a 95% chance to be unaffected by the spell. Affected items not immediately protected will be shattered and permanently destroyed if struck by a normal blow from a metal tool or any weighty weapon, including a staff.