Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

(Enchantment - Alteration)
V, S
Casting Time:
8 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature or one object of 1 cu. “ per level of caster
When the magic-user casts a sink spell, he or she must chant the spell for 4 segments without interruption. At that juncture, the subject creature or object will become rooted to the spot unless a saving throw versus spell (with respect to a creature) or a sav- ing throw versus disintegration (for an object with magical properties) is successful. (Note: “Magical properties” include those of magic items as listed in the Dungeon Masters Guide, those of items enchanted or other- wise of magical origin, and those of items with protection-type spells or with permanent magical properties or similar spells upon them.) Items of anon-magical nature are not entitled to a saving throw. The subject will also become of the same density as the surface upon which it stands at this juncture if its saving throw was not successful. The spell caster now has the option of ceasing his or her spell and leav- ing the subject as it is, in which case the spell will lose its dweomer in 4 turns, and the subject will return to normal. If the magic-user proceeds with the spell, the subject will begin to slowly sink into the ground. On the 5th segment the subject will sink to one-quarter of its height, on the 6th another quarter, on the 7th another, and on the 8th segment it will be totally sunken into the ground. This virtual entombment will place a living subject into a state which duplicates stasis but does not otherwise harm the subject. Non-living or living, the subject will exist in undamaged form in the surface into which it was sunk, its upper extremity as far beneath the surface as the subject has heig| .e., a 6’ high subject will be 6’ beneath the surface, while a 60’ high subject will have its uppermost portion 60’ below ground level. If the ground around the subject is somehow re- moved, the spell is broken and the subject will return to normal — al- though it will not then rise up. Such spells as dig, transmute rock to mud, and freedom (reverse of imprisonment) will not harm the subject of a sink spell and will be helpful in recovering it in many cases. If a detect magic spell is cast over an area upon which a sink spell was used, it will reveal a faint dweomer of undefinable nature, even if the subject is beyond detection range. If the subject is within range of the detect magic, the dweomer will be noted as magic of an enchantment- alteration nature.