Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

Otiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere
(Evocation - Alteration)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
4 segments
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
1’ diameter sphere per level of caster
This spell is exactly the same as the 4th-level magic-user spell, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, with the addition that the interior of the globe is virtually weightless; i.e., anything contained within it weighs only ‘/s of its normal weight. Any subject weighing up to 5,000 pounds can be telekinetically lifted in the sphere by the caster. Range of control extends to a maximum distance of 1” per level of the caster after the sphere has actually succeeded in encapsulating a subject or sub- jects. Note that even if more than 5,000 pounds of weight is englobed, the essential weight is but ‘/s of actual, so the orb can be rolled with- out exceptional effort. Because of the reduced weight, rapid motion or falling within the field of the sphere is relatively harmless to the object therein, although it can be disastrous should the globe disappear when the subject inside is high above a hard surface. In addition to the material components for the resilient sphere, the caster must have a pair of small bar magnets to effectuate this spell.