Stone Wyvern

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(Enchantment - Evocation)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
A binding spell enables the caster to capture a creature from the lower planes. The subject must already be confined by some form of restraining diagram. The duration of the spell depends upon the form of the binding and the level of the caster(s), as well as the length of time the spell is actually uttered. The components vary ac- cording to the form of the dweomer, but include: a continuous chanting utterance read from the scroll or book page giving the spell; gestures ap- propriate to the form of binding; and materials such as miniature chains of special metal (iron for demonkind, silver for diabolical creatures, nickel for the minions of Hades, etc.), soporific herbs of the rarest sort, a dia- mond or corundum gem of great size (1,000 gp value per hit die of the subject creature), and a vellum depiction or carved statuette of the sub- ject to be captured. A saving throw is not applicable as long as the experience level(s) of the caster(s) is (are) at least twice as great as the hit dice of the sub- ject. In a case where the foregoing does not hold, then the subject gains a saving throw versus spell, modified by the form of binding being attempted and the relative ratio of level(s) of experience of the caster(s) to the subject creature’s hit dice. For purposes of determining this num- ber, the level of the principal caster is augmented by one-third of the level of experience of each assistant magic-user of 9th or higher level, and an additional level is gained for each assistant of 4th to 8th level. No more than six other magic-users can assist with a binding spell. The various forms of binding are these: Chaining: The subject is confined by restraints which generate an an- tipathy affecting all creatures who approach the subject, except the caster. Duration is as long as one year per level of the caster(s). The subject of this form of binding (as well as of slumber and bound slum- ber, see below), remains within the restraining diagram. Slumber: Brings a comatose sleep upon the subject for a duration of up to one year per level of the caster(s). Bound Slumber: A combination of chaining and slumber which lasts for up to one month per level of the caster(s). Hedged Prison: The subject is transported to or otherwise brought within a confined area from which it may not wander by any means until freed. The dweomer remains until the magical hedge is somehow broken. Metamorphosis: Causes the subject to change to some noncorporeal form, save for its head or face. The binding is permanent until some prescribed act frees the subject. Minimus Containment: The subject is shrunk to a height of one inch or even less and held within the hedged prison of some gem or simi- lar object. The subject of a minimus containment, metamorphosis, or hedged prison radiates a very faint aura of magic. The saving throw, if applicable, is made at the normal level for the chain- ing form of the spell. Slumber allows the subject a +1, bound slumber a +2, hedged prison a +3, metamorphosis a +4, and minimus contain- ment a +5 on the save. However, if the subject is initially weakened by magical means such as dolor or torment spells, the saving throw is subject to an adjustment of -1 for the former spell, -2 for the latter spell, and —4 for both in successive combination. A successful saving throw enables the subject to burst its bonds and do as it pleases. A binding spell can be renewed in the case of the first three forms of the dweomer, for the subject does not have the opportunity to break the bonds. After one year the subject gains a normal saving throw versus spell. Whenever it is successful, the binding spell is broken and the sub- ject creature is free. (If anything has caused a weakening of the chaining or slumber, such as attempts to contact the subject or magically touch it, anormal saving throw applies to the renewal of the spell.)