Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 segment
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
This highly dangerous dweomer enables the prospective recipient of a spell to turn the casting back upon its sender. Thus, the range, duration, area of effect, and saving throw of this spell depend upon circumstances and the spell being volleyed. Assume that a power word kill is cast at a magic-user prepared with a volley spell. The volley has been cast also, so that when the power word kill is aimed at the target, the volley causes the spell to bounce back upon its caster. Then, if the caster of the first spell fails to make a saving throw versus spell, the power word kill works upon its caster rather than its intended tar- get. However, if the original caster does save versus spell, the spell once again flies toward the original target. The caster of the volley spell must then save versus spell, or be affected by the attack. Again, if the caster of the volley spell saves, then the spell is returned to its originator, who must again save or be affected. The spell will be sent back and forth until one or the other fails to save, or until the spell loses its power. The entire spell is volleyed, such that if a lightning bolt were to start 10 feet before the volleying magic-user, the full spell would be returned, leaving others in the volleying party unscathed. Each exchange will take a single second. Aspell will lose power if it passes through a number of exchanges equal to its level, counting each volley, but not the original casting, as half of a single exchange; i.e., a 1st-level spell will be cast, volleyed the first time, (perhaps) return volleyed, and then will dissipate; a 2nd-level spell would go through four volley portions (two complete exchanges) before being exhausted; and so on. The material component is a bit of bent willow or other flexible wood, crisscrossed with specially prepared strands of gut.