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Thing named
This spell enables the magic-user to have great power over any living thing which has a name, generic or individual, known to the spell caster. Naturally, most true names are not known (even by the creatures them- selves), for the common names of most things are not their true and secret names. True names are discovered through hard work, spying, extensive use of legend lore and sagecraft (at the most difficult levels). The casting of a truename spell requires the magic-user to call out the true name of the subject and then begin a recitation of verse which encompasses the nature and/or history of the subject. This will require 3 segments. Thereafter, still in verse (and preferably rhyming or near- rhyming), the caster must describe the desired result of the truename spell. Each possible result differs in the length of time necessary to effectuate it: Multiple Suggestion: The verses can contain from 1 to 4 suggestion pow- ers, just as if each were a spell. Each verse requires 1 segment to recite. (See suggestion spell.) In a total of 7 segments (including the time for the initial reading), 4 suggestions can be made. Weakness and Surrender: The verses recited cause actual loss of 1 point of strength (-1 to hit and damage, —1 on movement rate) for each segment of recitation. With the loss of each point of strength, the subject must save versus paralyzation or meekly surrender. Each verse must continue for 1 segment. Strength loss is recovered in from 2-8 rounds after the recitation ceases, and with recovery of strength the subject regains its will to resist. Polymorph: The verses can cause the subject to change into something else, just as if a polymorph any object spell had been cast. No system shock saving throw is needed. The length of time in verses (1 segment per verse) to cause the polymorph depends on how radical the change: mineral to animal = 10 verses mineral to vegetable = 9 verses vegetable to animal = 8 verses monster to normal = 7 verses monster to monster = 6 verses other to human = 5 verses animal to animal = 4 verses vegetable to vegetable = 3 verses mineral to mineral = 2 verses The reverse of the preceding cases also holds. In cases not stated, the DM is to use the closest stated case as a guide. The subject returns to its natural form in time. Duration is 6 turns per level of the spell caster minus 1 turn for every verse required to effect the polymorph. The subject will think and behave exactly as a non-polymorphed thing of the same type, but have its original hit points. Transport: When the transport verses are recited, the subject will be tele- ported without error or otherwise moved to some other place. The num- ber of verses required depends on the location of the transport: same plane/100 mile range = 4 verses same plane/500 mile range = 5 verses same plane/2,000 mile range = 6 verses one plane/world removed = 7 verses two planes/worlds removed = 8 verses The subject will automatically be altered so as to be able to physically survive the normal conditions of the place to which it is sent. There is no saving throw if the subjects are willing, even if they have a magic resistance. If at any time during the recitation of the spell the caster is interrupted, the magic fails and the spell is lost.