Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

(Evocation - Alteration)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
When this spell is cast, the magic-user seeks to force submission and obedience from a captive creature from another plane from whom a service is being demanded (also see do/or and en- snarement spells herein). The initial uttering of the spell causes a link from the caster to the captive creature bound in a magic circle, thauma- turgic triangle, or pentagram. (An intended victim of this spell must fail a magic resistance check, if applicable, for the torment to have any effect.) Thereafter, the magic-user continues to read the balance of the specially prepared writing, and each round this continues, the captive feels pro- gressively worse — discomfort and then pain. The first two rounds bring twinges, the third and fourth rounds of reading bring shooting pains, and the fifth and sixth rounds of reading cause aches and then cramps. The creature refusing to submit to the performance of a service is given a straight saving throw versus spell, adjusted each round for the intensity of the dweomer to be affected by it. The save in the first round is made at -1 to the die roll, the second at —2, the third at -3, the fourth at —4, and the fifth and sixth at -6 and -8 respectively. Failing the saving throw indicates the creature has agreed to the mage’s demands. There is no penalty following round 8 in any event. It is likely that any intelligent creature with low moral standards will submit once it realizes the nature of the spell it is being subjected to. Naturally, this does not cause the creature to feel anything other than im- mense hatred for the magic-user. The forced service will be carried out to the letter, as is the case with all such agreements, but the creature will most certainly seek whatever revenge it can. Preparation for the casting of a torment spell requires either the se- cret name for the type of creature or its given name to be inscribed in the text of the incantation. The caster must also identify himself or herself. This establishes the link and allows the dweomer to be effica- cious. However, for every 1 point of intelligence of the creature above that of the spell caster, there is a 1% chance that the captive creature will gain control, draw the caster into the confines of its prison, and carry him or her off to its own plane and whatever fate is thus decreed. If the magic- user is interrupted or distracted during the reading, there is a 5% chance per point of intelligence of the captive creature that it will gain control. The material component of the spell is the aforementioned “specially prepared writing” (in the form of a scroll). Its special inks will require an expenditure of not less than 1,000 gp per hit die of the creature to be affected by the dweomer of the spell.