Stone Wyvern

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Leomund’s Lamentable Belabourment
Casting Time:
5 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One or more creatures in a 1” radius
By means of this spell, the magic-user causes a combination of fascination, confusion, and rage upon one or more creatures able to understand the language in which the spell caster speaks. Upon casting the spell, the magic-user begins discussion of some topic germane to the creature or creatures to be affected. Those not saving versus spell will immediately begin to converse with the spell caster, agreeing or disagreeing, all most politely. As long as the spell caster chooses, he or she can maintain the spell by conversing with the subject(s). As long as there is no attack made upon them, they will ignore all else going on around them, instead “choosing” to spend their time exclusively talking and arguing. This saving throw, and all saving throws in this spell, is modified by the target’s intelligence as follows: Creatures with intelligence of 2 or lower are not affected by the spell, but those with intelligence of 3-7 save at -1. Beings with intelligence of 8-10 save nor- mally, those with intelligence of 11-14 at +1, and those with intelligence scores of 15 or higher at +2. If the spell is maintained for more than 3 rounds, each subject creature must attempt another save versus spell. Those failing to save this time will wander off in confusion for 3-12 rounds, avoiding the proximity of the spell caster in any event. Those who make the confusion save are still kept in fascination and must also save in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds (or for as long as the caster continues the dweomer) to avoid the confusion effect. If the spell is maintained for more than 6 rounds, each subject must save versus spell to avoid going into a rage — either at oneself, if one is the sole object of the spell, or at all other subjects of the spell — and attacking (regular “to hit” probability) against one’s own person, or falling upon the nearest other subject of the dweomer with intent to kill. This rage will last for 2-5 rounds. Those subjects who save versus spell on the rage check will realize that they have fallen prey to the spell and will collapse onto the ground, lamenting their foolishness, for 1-4 rounds unless they are attacked or otherwise disturbed. If during the course of the maintenance of the spell the caster is attacked or otherwise distracted, he or she is still protected, for the subject or subjects will not notice. The magic-user can leave at any time after the casting and the subject(s) will continue on for 1 full round as if he or she were still there to converse with. In these cases, however, saving throws for continuance of the spell are not applicable, even if, for instance, the subject(s) would otherwise have had to save to avoid confusion or rage. Note that the spell is entirely verbal.