Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S
Casting Time:
5 segments
2 rounds
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
By means of this spell, the magic-user at- tempts to force compliance or obedience from some oppositely aligned or hostile creature from a plane foreign to that of the spell caster. The dweomer causes unease in the creature in question during its mere reading, and on the round thereafter, the subject becomes nervous and filled with doubts, while on the last round of effect the creature actually feels a dull, all-encompassing dolor. The initial effects cause the subject creature to make all saving throws versus commands and non-offensive spells (including charms) at -1 on the dice rolled to determine whether or not it resists, the adjustment favoring compliance. The secondary ef- fects cause the adjustment to go to -2. The tertiary effect brings with it an adjustment of -3. Thereafter, the creature is no longer affected and it makes further saving throws without adjustment. The verbal component of the spell must deal with the class of creature in question, containing as much information as possible about the subject creature. When uttering the spell, the magic-user can be mentally assailed by the creature if the subject has a higher intelligence than the spell caster. In such a case, the creature has a 5% chance per point of superior intel- ligence of effectively charming and dominating the magic-user. In the case of such control, the creature will then do with the spell caster as its alignment dictates. If the spell caster is distracted or interrupted during the casting of the spell, the subject creature is able to automatically ef- fect the charm and domination.