Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
One round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
By means of this spell, a magic-user on the Prime Material Plane seeks to force or allow some creature from another plane of existence to return to its proper plane (cf. 4th-level cleric spell abjure). The name of the type of creature to be returned must be known, and if it has a given, proper, or surname, this too must be known and used in the spell. Magic resistance, if any, is checked for effect immediately. Then, the level of the spell caster is compared to the level or num- ber of hit dice of the creature being dismissed. If the magic-user has a higher number, the difference between his or her level is subtracted from the saving throw score of the creature to be affected by the dismissal. If the creature has a higher level or higher number of hit dice than the level of the caster, then that difference is added to its saving throw score. Exception: If the creature desires to be dismissed, then only an unmodi- fied saving throw is needed. Certain arcane works are reputed to allow greatly enhanced chances for spell success. If the spell is successful, the creature is instantly whisked away, but the spell has a 20% chance of actually sending the subject to a plane other than its own. The reverse of the spell, beckon, attempts to conjure up a known and named (if applicable) creature from another plane. Success or failure is determined in the same manner as for a dismissal spell, but in this case magic resistance is only checked if the creature has no known proper name. If the spell succeeds, the creature is instantly transported from wherever it was to the plane of the spell caster. This does not guarantee that the beckoned creature will be kindly disposed to the magic-user, nor will it in any way be subject to his or her wishes or commands without some additional constraint. Because of this, various sorts of protective measures are generally taken when using this form of the spell, and even with careful preparation, the results might be unwholesome. This spell does not work on creatures that are native to the Prime Mate- rial Plane but travel to other planes (such as shedu), nor against crea- tures that have part of their ancestry in the Prime Material Plane (such as cambions). The material components of the spell vary with the type of creature to be dismissed or called. In general, items which are inimical and distasteful to the subject creature are used for a dismissal, and for a beckon spell materials which are pleasing, desirable, and rewarding must be used.