Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S
Casting Time:
1 round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2 levels or hit dice per level of caster
A taunt spell enables the caster to jape and jeer effectively with respect to any creature with an intelligence of 2 or great- er. The spell’s dweomer gives the magic-user’s words and sounds real meaning to the subject creature or creatures. These words and sounds will challenge the subject(s), be insulting, and in general cause irritation and anger. If the subject creature or creatures fail to save versus spell, the taunt spell will cause them to rush forth in fury to do battle with the spell caster, and each and every affected creature so coming will cer- tainly attack the spell caster if physically capable of doing so, i.e. they will seek to use body weapons and hand-held weapons rather than at- tacking from a distance. Separation by an impenetrable or uncrossable boundary (a wall of flame, a deep chasm) will cause the spell to break. Only one sort of creature can be affected by a single taunt spell; in a mixed group of orcs and goblins (for instance) the caster would be able to affect either the orcs or the goblins (caster’s choice), but not both at once. The magic affects creatures closest to the spell caster first, regard- less of maximum range. Thus, if a group of gnolls were being taunted by a 10th-level magic-user, the nearest ten creatures would be subject to the spell first, even though the spell caster might prefer to affect the gnollish shaman at the rear of the group. Troops under a strong leader would gain a saving throw bonus of +1 to +4, at the DM’s discretion.