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Prismatic Sphere
(Abjuration, Conjuration/Summoning)
Casting Time:
7 segments
1 turn/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2” diameter sphere
This spell enables the magic-user to conjure up an opaque globe of shimmering, multi-colored spheres of light to surround him or her which give protection from all forms of attack. This scintillating sphere flashes all the seven colors of the visible spectrum, and each of these spheres of color has a different power and purpose. Any creature with fewer than eight hit dice will be blinded for from 2 to 8 turns by the colors of the sphere. This phenomenon is immobile and only the spell caster can pass in and out the prismatic sphere without harm. Note that typically the upper hemisphere of the globe will be visible, as the spell caster is at the center of the sphere, so the lower half is usually hidden by the floor surface he or she is standing upon. The colors and effects of the prismatic sphere, as well as what will negate each globe, are: orange yellow green blue 3rd Ath Sth Effects of Globe prevents all non-magical missiles — inflicts 10 hit points of damage prevents all magical missiles — inflicts 20 hit points of damage prevents poisons, gasses, and petrification — inflicts 40 hit points of damage prevents all breath weapons — save vs. poison or dead prevents location/detection and psionics — save vs. petrification or turned to stone Spell Negated By cone of cold gust of wind disintegrate passwall magic missile indigo 6th prevents all magical spells — continual light save vs. wand or insane violet 7th force field protection — save vs. dispel magic magic or sent to another plane Note that a rod of cancellation will destroy a prismatic sphere. Otherwise, anything entering the sphere will be destroyed, any creature subject to the effects of each and every globe as indicated, i.e. 70 hit points of damage plus death, petrification, insanity and/or instantaneous transportation to another plane, and only the four latter effects are subject to saving throws. The individual globes may be destroyed by appropriate magical attacks in consecutive order, the Ist globe destroyed before any others, then the 2nd, etc.