Stone Wyvern

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V, S, M
Casting Time:
8 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
A symbol spell causes the creation of magical runes which affect creatures which pass over, touch, read, or pass through a portal upon which the symbol is inscribed. Upon casting the spell, the magic-user inscribes the symbol upon whatever surface he or she desires. Likewise, the spell caster is able to place the symbol of his or her choice, using any one of the following: Death — One or more creatures whose total hit points do not exceed 80 are slain. Discord — All creatures are affected and immediately fall to loudly bickering and arguing; furthermore, there is a 50% probability that creatures of different alignment will attack each other. The bickering lasts for 5-20 rounds; the fighting for 2-8 rounds. Fear — This symbol operates as an extra-strong fear spell, causing all creatures to save vs. the spell at -4 on the die or panic and flee as if affected by a fear spell Hopelessness — All creatures are affected and must turn back in dejection unless they save versus magic. Affected creatures will submit to the demands of any opponent, ie. surrender, get out, etc.; the hopelessness lasts for 3 to 12 (3d4) turns, and during this period it is 25% probable that affected creatures will take no action during any round, and 25% likely that those taking action will turn back or retire from battle, as applicable. Insanity — Pain — Sleep — Stunning — One or more creatures whose total hit points do not exceed 120 will become insane and remain so, acting as if a confusion spell (q.v.) had been placed upon them until a heal, restoration, or wish spell is used to remove the madness. All creatures are affected, having wracking pains shooting through their bodies, which causes them to have -2 on dexterity and -4 on attack dice for from 2-20 turns. All creatures under 8 + 1 hit dice will immediately fall into a catatonic slumber and cannot be awakened for 5 to 16 (d12 + 4) turns. One or more creatures whose total hit points do not exceed 160 will be stunned and reeling for 3-12 (3d4) rounds, dropping anything it or they hold in manipulative members. The type of symbol cannot be recognized without it being read and thus activating its effects. The material components of this spell are powdered black opal and diamond dust worth not less than 5,000 g.p. each.