Stone Wyvern

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Incendiary Cloud
V, S, M
Casting Time:
2 segments
4 rounds + 1-6 rounds
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
An incendiary cloud spell exactly resembles the smoke effects of a pyrotechnics spell (q.v.), except that its minimum dimensions are a cloud of 10’ height by 20’ length and breadth. This dense vapor cloud billows forth, and on the 3rd round of its existence it begins to flame, causing 1/2 hit point per level of the magic-user who cast it. On the 4th round it does 1 hit point of damage per level of the caster, and on the 5th round it again drops to 1/2 h.p. of damage per level of the magic-user as its flames burn out. Any successive rounds of existence are simply harmless smoke which obscures vision within its confines. Creatures within the cloud need make only 1 saving throw if it is successful, but if they fail the first, they roll again on the 4th and 5th rounds (if necessary) to attempt to reduce damage sustained by one-half. In order to cast this spell the magic-user must have an available fire source (just as with a pyrotechnics spell), scrapings from beneath a dung pile, and a pinch of dust.