Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
By means of this spell the magic-user is able to create a duplicate of any creature. The duplicate appears exactly the same as the real. There are differences: the simulacrum will have only 51% to 60% (50% + 1% to 10%) of the hit points of the real creature, there will be personality differences, there will be areas of knowledge which the duplicate does not have, and a detect magic spell will instantly reveal it as a simulacrum, as will a true seeing spell. At all times the simulacrum remains under the absolute command of the magic-user who created it, although no special telepathic link exists, so command must be exercised in the normal manner. The spell creates the form of the creature, but it is only a zombie-like creature. A reincarnation spell must be used to give the duplicate a vital force, and a limited wish spell must be used to empower the duplicate with 40% to 65% (35% + 5% to 30%) of the knowledge and personality of the original. The level, if any, of the simulacrum, will be from 20% to 50% of the original creature. The duplicate creature is formed from ice or snow. The spell is cast over the rough form, and some piece of the creature to be duplicated must be placed inside the snow or ice. Additionally, the spell requires powdered ruby. The simulacrum has no ability to become more powerful, i.e. it cannot increase its levels or abilities.