Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

Drawmij’s Instant Summons
V, S, M
Infinite + special
Casting Time:
1 segment
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One small object
When this spell is cast, the magic-user teleports some desired item from virtually any location directly to his or her hand. The object must be singular, can be no larger than a sword is long, have no more mass and weight than a shield (about 75 g.p. weight), and it must be non-living. To prepare this spell, the magic-user must hold a gem of not less than 5,000 g.p. value in his or her hand and utter all but the final word of the conjuration. He or she then must have this same gem available to cast the spell. All that is then required is that the magic-user utter the final word while crushing the gem, and the desired item is transported instantly into the spell caster’s right or left hand as he or she desires. The item must, of course, have been previously touched during the initial incantation and specifically named, and only that particular item will be summoned by the spell. If the item is in the possession of another creature, the spell will not work, but the caster will know who the possessor is and roughly where he, she, or it is located when the summons is cast. Items can be summoned from other planes of existence, but only if such items are not in the possession (not necessarily physical grasp) of another creature. For each level of experience above the 14th, the magic-user is able to summon a desired item from 1 plane further removed from the plane he or she is upon at the time the spell is cast, ie. 1 plane at 14th level, but 2 at 15th, 3 at 16th, etc. Thus, a magic-user of 16th level could effect the spell even if the item desired was on the second layer of one of the outer planes, but at 14th level the magic-user would be able to summon the item only if it were on one of the Elemental Planes or the Astral or the Ethereal Plane.