Stone Wyvern

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V, M
1” + 1//level
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
A spiritwrack spell is a very strong protection/ punishment spell against the powerful creatures of the nether planes (Abyssal, Hades, Hell, etc.), but to employ the magic, the spell caster must know the name of the being at whom he or she will direct the energy. Prior to actual utterance of a spiritwrack spell the magic-user must prepare an illuminated sheet of vellum, carefully inscribed in special inks made from powdered rubies and the ichor of a slain demon of type |, Il, or Ill and covered with gold leaf in a continuous border. The spell caster must personally prepare this document, including the being’s name thereon. (This will require from 8-32 hours of time and cost 1,000 g.p. for vellum, special pens, gold leaf, and other miscellaneous materials alone; the cost of the powdered rubies is a minimum of 5,000 g.p. for each document) If the demon, devil, or other powerful being from a nether outer plane is present in some form (and not possessing another creature's body instead), the magic-user can then begin actual spell incantation. Immediately upon beginning the reading of the document, the being named will be rooted to the spot unless it makes its magic resistance percentage (adjusted for the level of the magic-user) as a saving throw; and even if such a saving throw is made, the monster feels greatly uncomfortable, and if it has not been magically forced to the locale and so held there, it is 90% likely to retreat to its own (or another) plane, as the named being is powerless to attack the magic-user while he or she is reading the spell document. This first part of the document continues for 1 full round, with the discomfort to the named being becoming greater at the end. During the second minute of the incantation, the being named undergoes acute pain and loses 1 hit point per hit die it possesses. At the end of this round of reading, the being is in wracking pain. The third and final round of utterance of the condemnation will cause a loss to the being of 50% of its existing hit points, horrible pain, and at the end consign it to some confined space on its own plane — there to remain in torture for a number of years equal to the level of the magic-user who prepared the document. Obviously, the being so dealt with will be the sworn foe of the magic-user forever afterwards, so the magic-user will be loath to finish the spell but rather use it as a threat to force submission of the being. Each round of reading will cause the being forced to listen to be a cumulative 25% likely to concede even without any other offerings or payment.