Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

Casting Time:
2 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
When this spell is used, the magic-user instantly transports himself or herself, along with a certain amount of additional weight which is upon, or being touched by, the spell caster, to a well-known destination. Distance is not a factor, but inter-plane travel is not possible by means of a feleport spell. The spell caster is able to teleport a maximum weight of 2,500 g.p. equivalence, plus an additional 1,500 g.p. weight for each level of experience above the 10th, ie. a 13th level magic-user teleports a maximum weight of 7,000 g.p. (700 pounds). If the destination area is very familiar to the magic-user (he or she has a clear mental picture through actual proximity to and studying of the area) it is unlikely that there will be any error in arriving exactly in the place desired. Lesser known areas (those seen only magically or from a distance) increase the probability of error. Unfamiliar areas present considerable peril. This is demonstrated below: Probability of Teleporting Destination Area Is High On Target Low Very familiar 01-02 03-99 00 Studied carefully 01-04 05-98 99-00 Seen casually 01-08 09-96 97-00 Viewed once 01-16 17-92 93-00 Never seen 01-32 33-84 85-00 Teleporting high means the magic-user will arrive 1” above ground for every 1% he or she is below the lowest “On Target” probability — only 2” when the destination is very familiar, and as high as 32” if the destination area was never seen. Any low result means the instant death of the magic-user if the area into which he or she teleports to is solid. Note that there is no possi of teleporting to an area of empty space, i.e. a substantial area of surface must be there, whether a wooden floor, a stone floor, natural ground, etc.