Stone Wyvern

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Conjure Elemental
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 turn
1 turn/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
There are actually four spells in one as respects conjure elemental. The magic-user is able to conjure an air, earth, fire or water elemental with this spell — assuming he or she has the material component for the particular elemental. A considerable fire source must be in range to conjure that type of elemental; a large amount of water must be likewise available for conjuration of a water elemental. Conjured elementals are very strong — see ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, MONSTER MANUAL — typically having 16 hit dice (16d8). It is possible to conjure up successive elementals of different type if the spell caster has memorized two or more of these spells. The type of elemental to be conjured must be decided upon before memorizing the spell. The elemental conjured up must be controlled by the magic- user, i.e. the spell caster must concentrate on the elemental doing his or her commands, or it will turn on the magic-user and attack. The elemental, however, will not cease a combat to do so, but it will avoid creatures when seeking its conjurer. If the magic-user is wounded or grappled, his or her concentration is broken. There is always a 5% chance that the elemental will turn on its conjurer regardless of concentration, and this check is made at the end of the second and each succeeding round. The elemental can be controlled up to 3” distant per level of the spell caster. The elemental remains until its form on this plane is destroyed due to damage or the spell’s duration expires. Note that water elementals are destroyed if they move beyond 6” of a body of water. The material component of this spell (besides the quantity of the element at hand) is a small amount of: Air Elemental — burning incense Earth Elemental — soft clay Fire Elemental — sulphur and phosphorus Water Elemental — water and sand NB. Special protection from uncontrolled elementals is available by means of a pentacle, pentagram, thaumaturgic triangle, magic circle, or protection from evil spell.