Stone Wyvern

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Dimension Door
Casting Time:
1 segment
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
Spell caster
By means of a dimension door spell, the magic-user instantly transfers himself or herself up to 3” distance per level of experience of the spell caster. This special form of teleportation allows for no error, and the magic-user always arrives at exactly the spot desired — whether by simply visualizing the area (within spell transfer distance, of course) or by stating direction such as “30 inches straight downwards,” or “upwards to the northwest, 45 degree angle, 42 inches.” If the magic-user arrives in a place which is already occupied by a solid body, he or she remains in the Astral Plane until located by some helpful creature willing to cast a dispel magic upon the person, for he or she is stunned and cannot successfully perform any spell casting. If distances are stated and the spell caster arrives with no support below his or her feet (ie., in mid-air), falling and damage will result unless further magical means are employed. All that the magic-user wears or carries, subject to a maximum weight equal to 5,000 gold pieces of non-living matter, or half that amount of living matter, is transferred with the spell caster. Recovery from use of a dimension door spell requires 7 segments.