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Charm Monster
V, S
Casting Time:
4 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
This spell is similar to a charm person spell (q.v.), but it will affect any living creature — or several creatures of lesser level as explained hereafter. The magic-user casts the charm monster spell, and any affected creature regards the spell caster as friendly, an ally or companion to be treated well or guarded from harm. If communication is possible, the charmed creature will follow reasonable requests, instructions, or orders most faithfully (cf. suggestion spell). Affected creatures will eventually come out from under the influence of the spell, and the probability of such breaking of a charm monster spell is a function of the creature's level, i.e. its number of hit dice: Monster Level Percent Chance/ or Hit Dice Week of Breaking Spell Ist or up to 2 5% 2nd or up to 3 +2 10% 3rd or up to4 +4 15% Ath or up to 6 25% 5th or up to 7 + 2 35% 6th or up to 8+ 4 45% 7th or up to 10 60% 8th or up to 12 75% 9th or over 12 90% Naturally, overtly hostile acts by the person charming the monster will automatically break the spell, or at the very least allow the monster a new saving throw versus the charm, the spell will affect from 2-8 Ist level creatures, 1-4 2nd level creatures, 1 or 2 3rd level, or 1 creature of 4th or higher level.