Stone Wyvern

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Leomund’s Tiny Hut
V, S, M
Casting Time:
3 segments
6 turns/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
10’ diameter sphere
When this spell is cast, the magic-user causes an opaque sphere of force to come into being around his or her person, half of the sphere projecting above the ground or floor surface, the lower hemisphere passing through the surface. This field causes the interior of the sphere to maintain at 70° F. temperature in cold to 0° F., and heat up to 105° F. Cold below 0° lowers inside temperature on a 1° for 1° basis, heat above 105° raises the inside temperature likewise. The tiny hut will withstand winds up to 50 m.p.h. without being harmed, but wind force greater than that will destroy it. The interior of the tiny hut is a hemisphere, and the spell caster can illuminate it dimly upon command, or extinguish the light as desired. Note that although the force field is opaque from positions outside, it is transparent from within. In no way will Leomund’s tiny hut provide protection from missiles, weapons, spells, and the like. Up to 6 other man- sized creatures can fit into the field with its creator, and these others can freely pass in and out of the tiny hut without harming it, but if the spell caster removes himself from it, the spell will dissipate. The material component for this spell is a small crystal bead which will shatter when spell duration expires or the hut is otherwise dispelled.