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Magic Mouth
V, S, M
Casting Time:
2 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One object
When this spell is cast, the magic-user empowers the chosen object with an enchanted mouth which suddenly appears and speaks the message which the spell caster imparted upon the occurrence of a specified event. The magic mouth can speak any message of 25 words or less in a language known by the spell caster, over a 1 turn period from start to finish. It cannot speak magic spells. The mouth moves to the words articulated, so if it is placed upon a statue, for example, the mouth of the statue would actually move and appear to speak. Of course, the magic mouth can be placed upon a tree, rock, door or any other object excluding intelligent members of the animal or vegetable kingdoms. The spell will function upon specific occurrence according to the command of the spell caster, i.e. speak to the first creature that touches you — or to the first creature that passes within 30’. Command can be as general or specific and detailed as desired, such as the following: “Speak only when an octogenarian female human carrying a sack of groat clusters sits cross-legged within 1.” Command range is 2 per level of the magic-user, so a 6th level magic-user can command the magic mouth to speak at a maximum encounter range of 3”, i.e. “Speak when a winged creature comes within 3”” Until the speak command can be fulfilled, the magic mouth will remain in effect, thus spell duration is variable. A magic mouth cannot distinguish invisible creatures, alignments, level or hit dice, nor class, except by external garb. The material component of this spell is a small bit of honeycomb.