Stone Wyvern

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Leomund’s Trap
V, S, M
Casting Time:
3 rounds
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
Object touched
This false trap is designed to fool the dwarf and/or thief attempting to pilfer or otherwise steal the spell caster’s goods. It enables the magic-user to place a dweomer upon any small mechanism or device such as a lock, hinge, hasp, screw-on cap, ratchet, etc. Any examination by a character able to detect traps will be 80% likely to note the Leomund's trap and believe it to be real. This probability reduces by 4% for each level of experience of the examiner beyond the first. If the supposed “trap” is then to be removed, it is only 20% likely that the creature attempting it will believe he or she has succeeded, +4% probability per level of experience of the remover. Of course, the spell is illusory, nothing will happen if the trap is ignored, and its primary purpose is to frighten away thieves or make them waste precious time. The material component of the spell is a piece of iron pyrite touched to the object to be “trapped”. Only one Leomund’s trap may be placed within a 50’ by 50’ area.