Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

Fools Gold
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 round
6 turns/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
1 cubic foot per level of the magic-user
Copper coins can temporarily be changed to gold pieces, or brass items turned to solid gold for the spell duration by means of this dweomer. Note that a huge amount of copper or brass can be turned to gold by the spell — assume 4,000 g.p. are equal to a cubic foot for purposes of this spell. Any creature viewing fools gold is entitled to a saving throw which must be equal to or less than its intelligence score, but for every level of the magic-user the creature must add 1 to his dice score, so it becomes unlikely that fools gold will be detected if it was created by a high level caster. If the “gold” is struck hard by an object of cold-wrought iron, there is a slight chance it will revert to its natural state, depending on the material component used to create the “gold”: if a 50 g.p. citrine is powdered and sprinkled over the metal to be changed, the chance that cold iron will return it to its true nature is 30%; if a 100 g.p. amber stone is powdered, there is a 25% chance that iron will dispel the dweomer; if a 500 g.p. topaz is powdered, the chance drops to 10%; and if a 1,000 g.p. oriental (corundum) topaz is powdered, there is only a 1% chance that the cold iron will reveal that it is fools gold.