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MagicUser - SpellDetail

Feather Fall
V, M
Casting Time:
1/10 segment
1 segment/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
When this spell is cast, the creature(s) or object(s) affected immediately assumes the mass of a feathery piece of down. Rate of falling is thus instantly changed to a mere constant 2’ per second or 12’ per segment, and no damage is incurred when landing when the spell is in effect. However, when the spell duration ceases, normal rate of fall occurs. The spell can be cast upon the magic-user or some other creature or object up to the maximum range of 1” per level of experience of the spell caster. It lasts for 1 segment for each level of the magic-user. The feather fall affects an area of 1 cubic inch, and the maximum weight of creatures and/or objects cannot exceed a combined total equal to a base 2,000 gold pieces weight plus 2,000 gold pieces weight per level of the spell caster. Example: a 2nd level magic-user has a range of 2”, a duration of 2 segments, a weight maximum of 6,000 gold pieces (600 pounds) when employing the spell. The spell works only upon free-falling or propelled objects. It will not affect a sword blow or a charging creature, but it will affect a missile. The material component is a small feather or a piece of down somewhere on the person of the spell caster.