Stone Wyvern

MagicUser - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 segment
1 turn/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
This spell causes instant growth of a creature or object. Enlargement causes increase in both size and weight. It can be cast upon only a single creature or object. Spell range is 2” for each level of experience of the magic-user, and its duration is 1 turn per level of experience of the spell caster. The effect of the enlargement spell is to increase the size of a living creature (or a symbiotic or community entity) by 20% per level of experience of the magic- user, with a maximum additional growth of 200%. The effect on objects is one- half that of creatures, ie. 10% per level to a 100% maximum additional enlargement. The creature or object must be seen in order to effect the spell. The maximum volume of living material which can be initially affected is 10 cubic feet — for non-living matter, 5 cubic feet — per level of the magic-user. While magical properties are not increased by this spell — a huge +1 sword is still only +1, a staff-sized wand is still only capable of its normal functions, a giant-sized potion merely requires a greater fluid intake to make its magical effects operate, etc. — weight, mass and strength are. Thus, a table blocking a door would be heavier and more effective; a hurled stone would have more mass (and be more hurtful providing enlargement took place just prior to impact); chains would be more massive; doors thicker; a thin line turned to a sizable, longer rope; and so on. Likewise, a person 12’ tall would be as an ogre, while an 18’ tall person would actually be a giant for the duration of the spell. The reverse spell, reduce, will negate the effects or actually make creatures or objects smaller in the same ratios as the regular spell application functions. Unwilling victims of the spell, or its reverse, are entitled to a saving throw, which, if successful, indicates the magic does not function, and the spell is wasted. The material component of this spell is a pinch of powdered iron.