Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

Death Fog
(Alteration - Evocation)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
6 segments
1-4 rounds + 1/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2 cubic” per level of caster
The casting of a death fog spell creates an area of solid fog which has the additional property of being highly acidic. The vapors are deadly to living things, so that vegetation exposed to them will die — grass and similar small plants in 2 rounds, bushes and shrubs in 4, small trees in 8, and large trees in 16 rounds. Animal life not immune to acid will suffer damage according to the length of time it is exposed to the vapors of a death fog: 1st round: 1 point 2nd round: 2 points 3rd round: 4 points 4th & each succeeding round: 8 points The characteristics of a death fog are otherwise the same as a solid fog. The material components are a pinch of dried and powdered peas, pow- dered animal hoof, and strong acid of any sort (including highly distilled vinegar or acid crystals).