Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

(Alteration - Illusion/Phantasm)
Casting Time:
1 day
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
A dream spell is a form of limited wish, but it has far more limited scope. The illusionist must actually find a com- fortable place to rest, lie prone, compose his or her thoughts so as to concentrate upon the desired result, and then go to sleep. If he or she has an undisturbed sleep of not less than 8 hours duration, the dream magic will be effectuated 1 to 12 hours thereafter. Typical things which can be brought about by a dream are: Recovery of an individual’s lost hit points Restoration of a body member such as a hand or foot Success in locating some object not heavily guarded by magic wards and protections Discovery of a means of ingress or egress Location of a safe path through a wilderness Improvement of chances for gaining a rich treasure Approximate strength of enemy/opponent forces. Note: If a creature scried by this effect has 7+ or more hit dice, it may make a saving throw versus spell. If successful, it will be undetected by the dream, and might furthermore sense the illusionist as if detecting invisible. It must be noted that a dream is not an ultra-powerful spell, and the results of its casting must be strictly limited. The guide given above denotes the maximum capability of the casting of a dream spell. Results will never exceed these parameters on a permanent basis. If, for example, a dead companion, slain in a recent battle, were dreamed alive, he or she would remain living for but 1 turn per level of experience of the illusionist casting the spell. Thereafter, the dweomer would disappear, the companion would return to his or her previous state, and a more permanent form of magic would be needed to allow the lost individual to actually live fully again. A dream cannot be affected by an extension or permanency spell. The illusionist can use this spell but once per week. If it is cast twice within the same week, the spell will absolutely fail the second time and the illusionist will age from 1-10 years.