Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

Advanced Illusion
V, S, M
6” + 1 “/level
Casting Time:
5 segments
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
4 square” + 1 square” per level
This spell is essentially a spectral forces spell which operates through a program (similar to a programmed illusion spell) determined by the caster. It is thus unnecessary for the illusionist to concentrate on the spell for longer than 5 segments after casting it, as the program has then been started and will continue. The illusion has visual, full audial, olfactory, and thermal components. If any viewer ac- tively attempts to disbelieve the dweomer, then he or she gains a saving throw versus spell. If any viewer successfully disbelieves and communi- cates this fact to other viewers able to comprehend the communication, each such viewer gains a saving throw versus spell with a +4 bonus. The material components are a bit of fleece and several grains of sand.