Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

Phantom Steed
V, S, M
Casting Time:
7 turn
6 turns/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
When this spell is cast the illusionist creates a quasi-real, horse-like creature. This creature can be ridden only by the illusionist who created it, or by any person for whom the illusionist cre- ates such a mount specifically. All phantom steeds have black heads and bodies with gray manes and tails, and smoke-colored, insubstantial hooves which make no sound. Their eyes are milky-colored. They do not fight, but all normal animals shun them, so only monstrous ones will attack. If more than 12 points of damage accrue to such a mount, the dweomer is dispelled and the phantom steed disappears. A phantom steed moves at a maximum rate of 4” per level of the spell caster. It has what seems to be a saddle and a bit and bridle, but it can not carry saddlebags and the like — only its rider and what he or she carries. These mounts gain certain powers according to the level of the illusionist who created them: 8th level: Ability to pass over sandy, muddy, or even swampy ground without difficulty. 10th level: Ability to pass over water as if it were firm, dry ground. 12th level: Ability to travel in the air as if it were firm land instead, so chasms and the like can be crossed without benefit of a bridge. Note, however, that the mount can not casually take off and fly. 14th level: Ability to perform as if it were a pegasus.