Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

Whispering Wind
V, S
Casting Time:
2 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2' radius
By means of this spell the illusionist is able to either send a message or cause some desired sound effect. The whis- pering wind can be prepared so as to travel as many tens of feet under- ground or miles above ground as the spell caster has levels of experi- ence. Thus, a 3rd-level illusionist could send the spell wafting 30’ in a dungeon or as far as three miles outdoors. The whispering wind will be as gentle and unnoticed as a zephyr until it reaches the desired objective of the spell caster. It then delivers its whisper-quiet message or other sound for a duration of up to two segments. The dweomer then fades and vanishes — as it will do if the subject is beyond range, or more than two hours of time have elapsed, or it is magically dispelled. The illusionist can prepare the spell to bear a message of up to 12 words, cause the spell to deliver other sounds for 12 seconds, or merely have the whis- pering wind seem to be a faint stirring of the air which has a susurrant sound. He or she can likewise cause the whispering wind to move as slowly as 1” per round or as quickly as 20’ (or any rate in between). When the spell reaches its objective, it swirls and remains for the full two seg- ments, regardless of its speed otherwise. As with the magic mouth spell, no spells may be cast through the whispering wind.