Stone Wyvern

Illusionist - SpellDetail

Phantom Armor
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One person
When this spell is cast, the illusionist creates a quasi-real suit of plate mail. This semi-illusory material covers the sub- ject and actually gives some real protection unless the opponent actively disbelieves in the armor (saves versus spell), or else a dispel illusion or dispel magic spell is cast upon it, or a wand of negation affects it. Until gone, or disbelieved, the armor protects the wearer as if he or she were in plate mail (AC 3, and armor type 3 as well). For each level of the spell caster, the phantom armor will absorb 1 point of damage delivered by a blow which would otherwise hit armor class 3. When the phantom armor has absorbed as many points of damage as the spell caster has levels of experience, it is dispelled and vanishes. Any remaining and all additional damage accrues to the person. Additionally, phantom armor allows a bo- nus of +1 on saving throws versus all attack forms which would be similar- ly modified by magic armor. The dweomer in no way affects the movement or spell-casting abilities of the wearer. It is not subject to rust monster at- tack (and such may enhance disbelief). The spell will not function with any other form of magical protection. The material component is a small plate of mithral (10 gp value) which disappears when the spell is cast.