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Chromatic Orb
(Alteration - Evocation)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 segment
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
The chromatic orb spell enables the illusionist to create a small globe of varying hue in his or her hand and hur it at any opponent he or she desires, providing there are no barriers between the illusionist and the target creature, and that the target creature is within 3" (the longest distance the chromatic orb can be hurled). It is magical, and even creatures normally struck only by +5, +4, etc. magic weapons will be affected by the chromatic orb if it strikes. Magic resistance with- stands this spell, of course. At 1” or closer, there is a + 3 chance “to hit,” at over 1” to 2” there is a +2 chance to strike the target, and from over 2” to the maximum 3” range the chance “to hit” is only +1. If a chromatic orb misses a target, it dissipates without further effect. The color of the globe determines its effect when a subject is struck. Low-level illusionists are restricted as to what color orb they can bring into existence by means of this spell, although the hues below their level are always available should the choice be made to select a color not commensurate with level of experience. Colors and effects are shown on the table below. Minimum Color of Orb Hit Points of Level of Caster Generated Damage Special Powers 1st Pearly 1-4 light" 2nd Ruby 1-6 heat? 3rd Flame 1-8 fire® 4th Amber 1-10 blindness* 5th Emerald 1-12 stinking cloud® 6th Turquoise 2-16 magnetism® 7th Sapphire 2-8 paralysis” 10th Amethyst (slow) petrification® 12th Ashen (paralysis) death® Notes on special powers: 1: Light equal to a light spell will be generated and persist for 1 round/ level of the caster, and any subject failing to save versus spell will be blinded for the duration. 2: Heat from the ruby orb will melt up to 1 cubic yard of ice, and creatures not saving versus spell will suffer a loss of 1 point of strength and 1 point of dexterity (or -1 “to hit” and AC) for 1 round following being struck by the orb. 3: Fire from the orb will set aflame all combustibles within a 1’ radius of the target, and unless the target saves versus spell an additional 2 points of fire damage will be suffered (except when protected from fire by magical or natural means). 4: The target subject will suffer blindness for 5-8 rounds unless a suc- cessful saving throw versus spell is made (cure blindness or dispel magic negates this effect). 5: A magical stinking cloud of 5' radius (around the target) is created when a successful hit is made, and the subject must save versus poi- son or else be helpless, and in any event will be helpless until leaving the area of the vapors (cf. stinking cloud spell). 6: The turquoise orb inflicts electrical damage, and if the target is wear- ing ferrous metal it will be magnetized for 3-12 rounds unless a sav- ing throw versus spell is successful. Magnetized metal will stick fast to other magnetized metal items, and non-magnetized ferrous metal items will cling until pulled free. 7: Unless a saving throw versus paralyzation is made, the subject crea- ture will be paralyzed for 5-20 rounds. 8: The subject creature will be turned to stone unless a saving throw versus petrification is made, and even if the save is made, the subject will be slowed for 2-8 rounds (cf. s/ow spell). 9: The subject creature will die unless a successful saving throw versus death magic is made, and even if a save is made, the subject will be paralyzed for 2-5 rounds. The material component of the spell is a gem of the appropriate hue, or else a clear crystal one (such as a diamond). The gem can be as small (in value) as 50 gold pieces as long as its color is appropriate.