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Illusionist - SpellDetail

First Level Magic-user Spells
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Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
“As appropriate to the spell in question The illusionist gains four of the following first level magic-user spells at the 14th level of experience and an additional one as each additional level of experience is gained. The spells are: Affect Normal Fires Mending Burning Hands Message Charm Person Nystul’s Magic Aura Comprehend Languages Protection from Evil Enlarge Read Magic Erase Shield Feather Fall Shocking Grasp Friends Sleep Hold Portal Tenser’s Floating Disc Magic Missile Unseen Servant The illusionist may learn any spell or spells from the preceding list. He or she must seek the spells in the same manner as a magic-user. If the illusionist chooses to take this “spell”, he or she actually takes four or more first level magic-user spells as a seventh level spell.