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Shadow Monsters
V, S
Casting Time:
4 segments
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2” x 2”
The shadow monsters spell enables the illusionist to create semi-real phantasms of one or more monsters. The total hit dice of the shadow monster or monsters thus created cannot exceed the level of experience of the illusionist; thus a 10th level illusionist can create one creature which has 10 hit dice (in normal circumstances), two which have 5 hit dice (normally), etc. All shadow monsters created by one spell must be of the same sort, i.e. hobgoblins, orcs, spectres, etc. They have 20% of the hit points they would normally have. To determine this, roll the appropriate hit dice and multiply by .20, any score less than .4 is dropped — in the case of monsters with one (or fewer) hit dice, this indicates the monster was not successfully created — and scores of .4 or greater are rounded up to one hit point. If the creature or creatures viewing the shadow monsters fail their saving throw and believe the illusion, the shadow monsters perform as normal with respect to armor class and attack forms. If the viewer or viewers make their saving throws, the shadow monsters are armor class 10 and do only 20% of normal melee damage (biting, clawing, weapon, etc.), dropping fractional damage less than .4 as done with hit points. Example: A shadow monster dragonne attacks a person knowing it is only quasi-real. The monster strikes with 2 claw attacks and 1 bite, hitting as a 9 die monster. All 3 attacks hit, and the normal damage dice are rolled: d8 scored 5, d8 scores 8, 3d6 scores 11 and each total is multiplied by .2 (.2 x 5 =1,.2x8=16=2,.2x 11 =22 = 2) and 5 hit points of real damage are scored upon the victim.