Stone Wyvern

Druid - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
4 segments
1 turn/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One 10’ long object
The spell caster must use a length of vine, a stick, pole, rope, or similar object to cast this magic upon. The trip spell causes the object to rise slightly off the ground or floor it is resting on and trip creatures crossing it if they fail to make their saving throw versus magic. Note that only as many creatures can be tripped as are actually stepping across the magicked object, i.e. a 3’ long piece of rope could trip only 1 man-sized creature. Creatures moving at a very rapid pace (running) when tripped will take 1-6 (d6) hit points of damage and be stunned for 2-5 (d4 + 1) rounds if the surface they fall upon is very hard, but if it is turf or non-hard they will merely be stunned for 2-5 segments. Very large creatures such as elephants will not be at all affected by a trip. The object magicked will continue to trip all creatures passing over it, including the spell caster, for as long as the spell duration lasts. Creatures aware of the object and its potential add +4 to their saving throw when crossing it. The object is 80% undetectable without magical means of detection.