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Heat Metal
V, S, M
Casting Time:
4 segments
7 rounds
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
By means of the heat metal spell, the druid is able to excite the molecules of ferrous metal (iron, iron alloys, steel) and thus cause the affected metal to become hot. On the first round of the spell, the effect is merely to cause the metal to be very warm and uncomfortable to touch, and this is also the effect on the last melee round of the spell’s duration. The second and sixth {next to the last) round effect is to cause blisters and damage; the third, fourth, and fifth rounds the metal becomes searing hot, causing disability and damage to exposed flesh, as shown below: Metal Temperature very warm hot searing Per Round of Exposure Damage Disability none none 1-4 hit none points 2-8 hit hands or feet points 2-8 days head 1-4 turns unconsciousness body 1-4 days Note also that materials such as wood, leather, or flammable cloth will smoulder and burn if exposed to searing hot metal, and such materials will then cause searing damage to exposed flesh on the next round. Fire resistance (potion or ring) or a protection from fire spell totally negates the effects of a heat metal spell, as will immersion in water or snow, or exposure to a cold or ice storm spell (qq.v.). For each level of experience of the druid casting the spell, he or she is able to affect the metal of one man-sized creature, ie. arms and armor, or a single mass of metal equal to 500 gold pieces in weight, cumulative. The reverse, chill metal, counters a heat metal spell or else causes metal to act as follows: Metal Temperature cold icy freezing Per Round of Exposure Damage Disability none none 1-2 hit none points 1-4 hit amputation of points fingers, toes, nose, or ears. The chill metal spell is countered by a resist cold spell, or by any great heat, ie. proximity to a blazing fire (not a mere torch), a magical flaming sword, a wall of fire, etc.