Stone Wyvern

Druid - SpellDetail

Reflecting Pool
(Evocation - Divination)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
2 hours
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
This spell enables the druid to cause a pool of normal water found in a natural setting to act as a scrying device. The pool can be of no greater diameter than 2 feet per level of the spell cast- er. The effect is to create a scrying device similar to a crystal ball, in much the same fashion as the magic-user spell magic mirror and the clerical spell magic font, both described elsewhere in this text. The scrying can extend only to those planes of existence which are coexistent with or border upon the Prime Material Plane, i.e. the Inner Planes (including the Para-elemental Planes, Plane of Shadow, et al.). Penalties for attempt- ing to scry beyond the druid’s own plane, as given in the description for crystal ball (see Dungeon Masters Guide) are applicable. The following spells can be cast through a reflecting pool, with a 5% per level chance of operating correctly: detect magic, detect snares and pits, detect poison. Infravision and ultravision will operate normally through the reflecting pool, as will the spells starshine and moonbeam (see here- after). The druid must use both mistletoe and the oil extracted from such nuts as the hickory and the walnut, refined, and dropped in three mea- sures upon the surface of the pool. (A measure need be no more than a single ounce of oil.)