Stone Wyvern

Druid - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
9 segments
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
Up to 4” by 4”
This spell causes confusion in one or more creatures within spell range. Confused creatures will react as follows: Die Roll Action 01-10 Wander away for 1 turn 11-60 Stand confused for 1 round 61-80 Attack nearest creature for 1 round 81-00 Attack druid or his party for 1 round The spell lasts for 1 melee round for each level of experience of the spell caster. It will affect 2 to 8 creatures, plus a possible additional number of creatures determined by subtracting the level or number of hit dice of the strongest opponent creature within the spell range and area of effect from the level of the druid who cast the spell of confusion. If a positive number results, it is added to the random die roll result for number of creatures affected; a negative number is ignored. All creatures affected will be those closest to the druid within the area of effect. Each affected creature must make a saving throw each round, unless they are caused to “wander away for 1 turn” in which case they will go as far away from the druid as is possible in one turn of normal movement, as conditions permit. All saving throws are at -2. Confused creatures act according to the table of actions shown above, but saving throws and actions are checked at the beginning of each round.