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Druid - SpellDetail

Transport Via Plants
V, S
Casting Time:
3 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
By means of this spell, the druid is able to enter any large plant and pass any distance to a plant of the same species in a single round regardless of the distance separating the two. The entry plant must be alive. The destination plant need not be familiar to the druid, but it also must be alive. If the druid is uncertain of the destination plant, he or she need merely determine direction and distance, and the transport via plant spell will move him or her as near as possible to the desired location. There is a basic 20% chance, reduced 1% per level of experience of the druid, that the transport will deliver the druid to an allied species of plant from 1 to 100 miles removed from the desired destination plant. If a particular destination plant is desired, but the plant is not living, the spell fails and the druid must come forth from the entrance plant within 24 hours. Harm to a plant housing a druid can affect the druid (cf. plant door).