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Wall of Fire
V, S, M
Casting Time:
7 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
The wall of fire spell brings forth a blazing curtain of magical fire of shimmering color — yellow-green or amber in case of druidical magic. The wall of fire inflicts 4 to 16 hit points of damage, plus 1 hit point of damage per level of the spell caster, upon any creature passing through it. Creatures within 1” of the wall take 2-8 hit points of damage, those within 2” take 1-4 hit points of damage. Creatures especially subject to fire may take additional damage, and undead always take twice normal damage. Only the side of the wall away from the spell caster will inflict damage. The opaque wall of fire lasts for as long as the druid concentrates on maintaining it, or 1 round per level of experience of the druid in the event he or she does not wish to concentrate upon it. The spell creates a sheet of flame up to 2” square per level of the spell caster, or as a ring with a radius of up to 42” per level of experience from the druid to its flames, and a height of 2”. The former is stationary, while the latter moves as the druid moves.