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Call Woodland Beings
V, S, M
12” + 1"/level
Casting Time:
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
By means of this spell the druid is able to summon certain woodland creatures to his or her location. Naturally, this spell will only work outdoors, but not necessarily only in wooded areas. The druid begins the incantation, and the spell must be continued uninterrupted until some called creature appears or 2 turns have elapsed. (The verbalization and somatic gesturing are easy, so this is not particularly exhausting to the spell caster.) Only 1 type of the following sorts of beings can be summoned by the spell, and they will come only if they are within the range of the call: 2-8 brownies 1-4 satyrs 1-4 centaurs 1-6 sprites 1-4 dryads 1 treant 1-8 pixies 1 unicorn (Your referee will consult his outdoor map or base the probability of any such creature being within spell range upon the nature of the area the druid is in at the time of spell casting.) The creature(s) called by the spell are entitled to a saving throw versus magic (at -4) to avoid the summons. Any woodland being answering the call will be favorably disposed to the spell caster and give whatever aid it is capable of. However, if the caller or members of the caller’s party are of evil alignment, the creatures are entitled to another saving throw versus magic (this time at +4) when they come within 1” of the druid or other evil character with him or her, and these beings will seek immediately to escape if the saving throw is successful. In any event, if the druid requests that the summoned creatures engage in combat on behalf of the druid, they are required to make a loyalty reaction score based on the druid’s charisma and whatever dealings he or she has had with the called creature(s). The material components of this spell are a pinecone and 8 holly berries.