Stone Wyvern

Druid - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
5 segments
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
10 or 100 times the fire source
A pyrotechnics spell can have either of two effects. It produces a flashing and fiery burst of glowing, colored aerial fireworks which lasts 1 segment per experience level of the druid casting the spell and temporarily blinds those creatures in the area of effect or under it or within 12” of the area (and in any event in unobstructed line of sight); or it causes a thick writhing stream of smoke to arise from the fire source of the spell and form a choking cloud which lasts for 1 round per experience level of the druid casting it, covering a roughly globular area from the ground or floor up (or conforming to the shape of a confined area), which totally obscures vision beyond 2’. The spell requires a fire of some sort in range. The area of pyrotechnics effect is 10 times the volume of the fire source with respect to fireworks, 100 times with respect to smoke. In either case, the fire source is immediately extinguished by the employment of the spell.