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Druid - SpellDetail

Plant Growth
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
2” x 2” square area/level
When a plant growth spell is cast by the druid, he or she causes normal vegetation to grow, entwine, and entangle to form a thicket or jungle which creatures must hack or force a way through at a movement rate of 1” per, or 2” per with respect to larger than man-sized creatures. Note that the area must have brush and trees in it in order to allow this spell to go into effect. Briars, bushes, creepers, lianas, roots, saplings, thistles, thorn, trees, vines, and weeds become so thick and overgrown in the area of effect as to form a barrier. The area of effect is 2” x 2” square per level of experience of the druid, in any square or rectangular shape that the druid decides upon at the time of the spell casting. Thus an 8th level druid can affect a maximum area of 16” x 16” square, a 32” x 8” rectangle, a 64” x 4” rectangle, 128” x 2” rectangle, etc. The spell’s effects persist in the area until it is cleared by labor, fire, or such magical means as a dispel magic spell (q.v.).