Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

Control Weather
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 turn
4-48 hours
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
4-16 square miles
The control weather spell allows a cleric to change the weather in the area he or she is in at the time the spell is cast. The spell will affect the weather for from 4 to 48 hours (4d12) in an area of from 4 to 16 square miles (4d4). It requires 1 turn to cast the spell, and an additional 1 to 4 (d4) turns for the effects of the weather to be felt. The control weather spell will not radically change the temperature, i.e. from below zero to a 100 degree temperature heat wave. The weather control possible depends upon the prevailing conditions: CLEAR WEATHER HOT WEATHER CALM Very clear Warm weather Dead calm Light clouds or hazy Sweltering heat Light breeze PARTLY CLOUDY WEATHER WARM WEATHER, LIGHT WIND Clear weather Hot weather Calm Cloudy Cool weather Strong wind Mist/Light rain/small hail COOL WEATHER STRONG WIND Sleet/Light snow Warm weather Light wind CLOUDY WEATHER Cold weather Gale Partly cloudy COLD WEATHER GALE Deep clouds Cool weather Strong wind Fog Arctic cold Storm Heavy rain/Large hail STORM Driving sleet/Heavy snow Gale Hurricane- Typhoon All three aspects of the weather (clouds/precipitation, temperature, and wind) can be controlled, but only as shown. For example, a day which is clear, warm, and with light wind can be controlled to become hazy, hot, and calm. Contradictions are not possible — fog and strong wind, for example. Multiple control weather spells can be used only in succession. The material components for this spell are the cleric’s religious symbol, incense, and prayer beads or similar prayer object. Obviously, this spell functions only in areas where there are appropriate climatic conditions