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Cleric - SpellDetail

Conjure Animals
V, S
Casting Time:
9 segments
2 rounds/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
The conjure animals spell enables the cleric to summon a mammal, or several of them, to his locale in order that the creature(s) can attack the cleric’s opponents. The conjured animal(s) remain in the cleric’s locale for 2 melee rounds for each level of experience of the cleric conjuring it (them), or until slain. The spell caster can, by means of his incantation, call up one or more mammals with hit dice whose total does not exceed his or her level. Thus, a cleric of 12th level could conjure one mammal with 12 hit dice, two with 6 hit dice each, three with 4 hit dice each, 4 with 3 hit dice each, six with 2 hit dice each, or 12 with 1 hit die each. For every +1 (hit point) of a creature's hit dice, count 1/4 of a hit die, i.e. a creature with 4 + 3 hit dice equals a 4 3/4 hit dice creature. The creatures) summoned by the spell will unfailingly attack the opponents) of the cleric by whom the spell was cast.