Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

(Evocation - Alteration)
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 round
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One creature
When this spell is employed, the cleric con- fronts some powerful creature from another plane (including devas and powerful “name” demons, for instance, but not demigods or deities of any sort) and requires of it some duty or quest. The creature may not be one ethically or morally opposed to the cleric (i.e. not evil if the cleric is good, not chaotic if the cleric is lawful). Note that an absolute (true) neu- tral creature is in effect greatly opposed to both good and evil, and both law and chaos. The spell caster must know something about the crea- ture to exact service from it, or else he or she must offer some fair trade jin return for the service. That is, if the cleric is aware that the creature has received some favor from someone of the cleric’s alignment, then the exaction can name this as cause; if no balancing reason for service jis known, then some valuable gift or service must be pledged in return for the exaction. The service exacted must be reasonable with respect to the past or promised favor or reward. The spell then acts as a quest upon the creature which is to perform the required service. Immediately upon completion of the service, the subject creature is transported to the vicinity of the cleric, and the cleric must then and there return the promised reward, whether it is irrevocable cancellation of a past debt or the giving of some service or other material reward. Upon so doing, the creature is instantly freed to return to its own plane. Failure to fulfill the promise to the letter results in the cleric being subject to exaction by the ‘subject creature or by its master, liege, etc., at the very least. At worst, the creature may attack the reneging cleric without fear of any of his or her spells affecting it, for the failure to live up to the bargain gives the creature total immunity from the spell powers of the cleric so doing. The material components of this spell are the cleric’s holy/unholy symbol, ‘some matter or substance from the plane of the creature from whom an exaction is to be expected, and knowledge of the creature’s nature and/ or actions which is written out on a parchment leaf that is burned to seal the bargain.