Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

V, S, M
Casting Time:
7 segments
1 round/level
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
In order to effect this spell, the cleric must be in sight of a rainbow of any sort, or have a special component (see below). The rainbow spell has four applications, and the cleric is able to decide which one is desired at the time of casting. These applica- tions are: Bow: The spell creates a shimmering, multi-layered bow of rainbow hues. It is light and easy to pull, so that anyone with a strength of 6 or better can use it. It is magic, each of its missiles being equal to a +3 weapon, and there is no non-proficiency penalty for its use. However, it can only be employed by a member of a character class permitted to use a bow. The bow will fire 7 missiles before disappearing. It fires once or twice per round, according to the user’s desire. Each time a missile is fired, one hue leaves the bow, corresponding to the color of arrow that is released. Each color of arrow has the ability to cause double damage to certain creatures, as follows: Red — fire dwellers/users Orange — earth elementals Yellow — vegetable targets (including fungus creatures, shambling mounds, treants, etc.) Green — aquatic creatures and water elementals Blue — aerial creatures, electricity-using creatures, and air elementals Indigo — acid-using or poison-using creatures Violet — metallic or regenerating creatures When the bow is drawn, an arrow of the appropriate color magically appears, nocked and ready. If no color is requested, or a color that has already been used is asked for, then the next arrow (in the order of the spectrum) will appear. Bridge: The caster causes the rainbow to form a seven-hued bridge. The bridge is as many feet wide as the cleric has levels of experience, and it can bear as much weight, in hundreds of pounds, as the cleric has levels of experience. It will be at least 20’ long and can be as long as 120’, according to the desire of the caster. If the bridge’s weight limit is exceeded at any time, the bridge will simply disappear into nothingness; otherwise, it will last for the length of the spell duration or until ordered out of existence by the caster. Elevator: When desired, the caster can cause the rainbow to lift his or her person, and all those within a 10’ radius, skyward. The effect is to carry the cleric and others, if any, in a path arching upward to as high an altitude as the cleric desires, and then down again if desired. Care must be taken to reach a place of safety before the spell duration expires, or the rainbow elevator will disappear, leaving those treading upon it with no means of support. Movement along the rainbow elevator is at a rate of 12°, and the arc of the rainbow trails out 12” behind those traveling upon it. Flagon: When used in this form, the rainbow swirls and condenses into a seven-colored vessel which contains seven measures of pure water. Each time a measure of the water is poured out, one of the hues of the container mixes with it to produce a magical draught. Any measures of the liquid that remain unused at the expiration of the spell duration will disappear, along with the container itself, whether the contents have been poured from the flagon or not. The draughts and their effects are: Red — cure light wounds Orange — resist fire Yellow — cure blindness Green — slow poison Blue — cure disease Indigo — resist cold Violet — remove paralysis The effects of each draught consumed will be as if the appropriate spell had been cast by a cleric of 12th level, and these effects will persist after the duration of the spell expires. The components for this spell are the cleric’s holy/unholy symbol and a vial of holy/unholy water. If no rainbow is in the vicinity, the cleric can sub- stitute a diamond of not less than 1,000 gp value, specifically prepared by him or her when in sight of a rainbow by the casting of bless and prayer spells upon the gem. Only the holy symbol remains after the spell is cast.