Stone Wyvern

Cleric - SpellDetail

Imbue With Spell Ability
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 turn
Saving Throw:
Area of Effect:
One individual
By the use of this spell, the cleric can bestow the ability to cast a particular spell upon a character normally unable to cast spells. The magic is only effective on thieves, fighters, cavaliers, assassins, monks, rangers (of under 8th level), and paladins (of under 9th level) — it will not work on a member of any other character class or sub-class, nor will it function upon a monster or any individual with less than one full hit die. The spell or spells to be imbued in the subject must be ones that the cleric presently carries (i.e., has prayed for), and they can only be spells of an informational or defensive nature, or a cure light wounds spell. An attempt to transfer any other sort of spell will cause the magic to fail, and then no spells will be imbued in the recipient even if other allowable spells were also chosen. As many as three separate spells can be imbued, including one 2nd-level spell and one or two 1st- level spells. In order to receive any spell, the subject character must have a wisdom score of 9 or higher. A single 1st-level spell can be imbued in any eligible recipient, but the recipient must be at least 3rd level to receive two 1st-level spells, and must be at least Sth level to receive a 2nd-level spell. If a transferred spell’s characteristics (range, duration, area of effect, etc.) are variable according to the level of the caster, then the recipient will cast them at his or her own level. All other spell details (e.g., casting time, components, etc.) apply normally. When a cleric casts imbue with spell ability upon another character, the cleric loses that particular spell from his or her repertoire and cannot memorize more spells until the recipient uses all of the spells that were transferred. The material components for this spell are the cleric’s holy/ unholy symbol, plus some minor item “borrowed” from the intended re- cipient which is symbolic of his or her profession (a lock pick for a thief, a dagger for an assassin, etc.). The “borrowed” item is consumed in the casting of the spell.